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20 May 2017

New work for October’s exhibition at Aa Gallery in Las Cruces

Using this last piece from last year as my next stepping stone, I am excited to continue my work on the next level of fiber relief sculptures for my upcoming show at Aa Gallery in Las Cruces. Exploring the tight/separated, the pulled/slack, the new/old connections I am delving more deeply into visual metaphor, visual irony, the visual language of natural materials manipulated into layers of experience/meaning. We can hunt for meaning, we can spend time yearning for meaning, we can […]

30 Jun 2016


I was so excited about this show for WeAD. FIBERFUSION  was a year in the making. Perhaps much longer if you add in the artistic life span of each of the artists. Four of us met at Arrowmont in July 2014. I was Pat Hickman’s assistant for a fiber sculpture workshop there. Several of us immediately connected and worked very well together. We noticed that we each had very different approaches to fiber art and sculpture.   Check out my Q&A for […]